Inquiring minds want to know! What is YOUR most troublesome symptom of depression?

Mine was lack of energy to get things completed.  I have a million ideas but it would take forever to do even one.

Maybe drinking a ton of caffeine helps in the short term, but not the way to live long term.


So, tell me, what bothers you the most?  

What is the number one thing you’d like to get rid of or be able to do? 


So, what else are you passionate about?

I guess I’m passionate about having a view from my window. I have always loved having a view. I seem to be pretty darn happy when I have something pretty to look at. I thought everyone was like me, but I recently found out otherwise.

Not very long ago, my husband and I moved up to a nice little town north of Phoenix. We live on a small hill that overlooks a huge mountain view. It is absolutely beautiful. I can sit on the sofa and stare. It’s just breathtaking.

In comes my husband. I say “look how beautiful it is.” He responds with “what?” “The view” I say. “Oh, yeah, it’s nice.” Frustrated, I say “that’s it?” “It’s pretty, but nothing to get excited about.” I’m thinking WTH?? 🙂


My friends come to visit. I don’t think I heard one comment regarding the view!


I have a client who I can relate to. She’s telling me that she’s thinking of moving out of state and that she will be surrounded by the woods. And how she explained it I knew she was a view person. I could feel it in her speech.

Finally! Someone I can relate to.

OK, so I have a view and I love it. That really helps me continue my happiness.

Maybe the point of my story is that when we know something that makes us happy, we need to find a way to get it.

Something in the air today?

Client after client told me today that they felt down/depressed, or just plain yucky.  Every once in a while I run across a day like this.  

At first I try to challenge their feeling of depression, but one after another they look at me like I’m crazy.  OK, I eventually back off.

I know when to stop.  They are simply not in the mood.

I get it.  That feeling that comes over you and you can’t explain why.  You just feel depressed!  When I have felt that it’s like it’s definitely a biochemical feeling.  All of the sudden you can’t smile.  It’s over.  Not feeling good today.

Some days I feel like I’m moving mountains to get people to understand they have control over how they feel.  BUT, and that’s a big but, IF they do not have the correct medication to get them in the right frame of mind, it’s all going in one ear and out the other.  They look at me like I’m crazy.  I think I said that already.  🙂

Yes, I said it.  Medication.  All my clients are on meds.  I was on meds (one to be exact) to overcome depression.  I had to do it. However, it needs to be the right one and the right dosage.  That’s the key.  So when a client is not doing well, guess what my first question is?  Do you feel like your meds are working?  (Well, besides the obvious, “did you take your meds?”  But I know everyone HATES that question!)

Many people out there are adamant about not taking medication for depression.  I used to be that way until I went through the process.  A few trials and tribulations and I eventually found the right one!  I also have spent ten years with the severely depressed and helping them with their meds.  I work closely with a psychiatrist regarding their meds.  I have seen some miracles.  It’s not for everyone.  If it’s mild to moderate depression, then you probably don’t need them.  If it’s major, and major with suicidal thoughts, um, yes, I’d highly recommend them!  No suicides on my watch!  But, sadly, there have been a few.  It’s part of the work.  It’s truly a sad moment that I do take home with me.


Back on a positive note before going to bed.

Did anyone else feel “off” today?  If so, tomorrow will be a better day.

Weekly Goals… What are yours?

For the past 7 years, at least, I have been having my clients set weekly goals.  The following week I check in with them for accountability.

We adults need accountability at times, especially while battling depression.  

There are numerous things we want to do and get accomplished but like many don’t get done.


Here’s your chance to set a goal for the week.

But, there’s more to it.  You must give a little detail on how you PLAN to get your goal completed.  What is it that will get you to get it done?

Write your weekly goal in the comments section.  Make yourself accountable!

What’s My Passion?

My passion, my calling, my what I would do even if I didn’t get paid to do it, is…

helping others see the light that there is hope for depression.  

When I see that glimmer of hope in their eyes, the forming of a smile, the sigh they give when they start to feel that maybe, just maybe, this pain will go away.

They start to think, if she could do it, my own therapist, then maybe I could too?  


It’s the greatest feeling.


My other passion lately is waking up with my Yorkie puppy curled up in a tiny ball nuzzled against my neck.


That’s actually the greatest feeling.  🙂

What Gets You Up in The Morning?

With depression, the answer may be “nothing much” or “I get up at noon!”

I used to say just that. Those were some down days. Many of them existed.

However, there were many days, when I did wake up, I had passion for something.

IF I didn’t have passion for anything I really don’t think I’d be here today.

There was something that kept me hanging onto life. Some days I’d forget it, but consistently that passion came back.

I wanted to be something. I really wanted to become a therapist. How can a majorly depressed person became a therapist?

Honestly, I don’t ever recall asking that in real life. I really don’t. For some reason, the depression didn’t matter when it came to my passion. It took me twice as long in college because of the depression, but my motto (one of many!) was time passes anyway, I might as well do something.

As a therapist in my full time practice, I’m more of a motivational speaker/coach than therapist. I work with the sick of the sickest when it comes to depression (bipolar and schizophrenia) but I know they all have value. They have dreams. Their eyes sparkle when I speak about passion and goals in life. They want to be something too.

My hope is that every depressed person will find something to hold onto. Time passes anyway, you may as well do something with it.

Have a good night,


The First Thing to do to Overcome Depression

I don’t think there’s a day that goes by that I don’t share my number one principle to finally overcome depression.

Some people may think it’s medication or therapy, especially coming from a therapist. Nope.


What is it that you LOVE?

What do you day dream about?

What do you like to do?

What is it that you can spend hours thinking about?

What would make you happy?

This may be an easy answer for you or the hardest one. IF it’s easy, GREAT. Go with it! Get energized with it and go after it!

IF it’s a rather difficult thing to figure out, okay, no problem. Think about what makes you smile. What would you like to do in life? Is it a career you want to pursue? Is it a hobby?

Spend some time on what your dream looks like. I don’t care how far fetched it may feel. Keep dreaming!

The one thing I know for sure in life is that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!! Dream big!

The thing about depression is that it is responsible for robbing us of our interests, energy, motivation. IT literally makes us think that there’s nothing to be happy about so why even wake up in the morning?

I’m here to help you realize that you CAN regain your life again. You can have whatever it is you want out of life. No matter what that may be!!

Now, start focusing on something that will get up out of bed in the morning. Something that you can hold onto to keep moving, to keep living. Every single one of us NEEDS something to live for.

Go find your something.

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